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If you’re like me, and I’m like most folks down here in Atlanta Georgia… I enjoy sitting at the chimenea (Mexican fire pit) burning some wood, and listening to the whispery bubbling of my own waterfall nearby, looking at the starry skies and helping myself a bottle of Corona, or two.  What a wondrous way to relax and recharge!

….Don’t know what to do with all those debris, leaves, sawdust, pine cones, sweet gum fruit, grass, kitchen refuse? Build a three-bin composter and turn the pile of wood chips, and leaves, needles and acorns into a good stuff – compost – to improve your veggie or flower garden soil, lower or raise its pH, grow better and nicer fruit, veggies, and flowers, attract more butterflies and your own cousins and their spouses. Believe me, it works!

Don’t know how to build a 3-bin composter? Call us, we’ll build it for you. 15 yrs in business, fully insured and licensed. We’ll also help you with lawn maintenance, buiding attractive landscapes with waterfalls, fountains, proper drainage, irrigation, and stonework all around your future perfect garden. Need concrete work, pavers, patios, walkways, retaining walls? We’re here to help you!  How about gutter cleaning, leaf clean-up, brush clearing, tree trimming, tree removal, moving out and hauling? Yes, we can do it, too!

Also: Grading, bobcat work, sod installation, pine straw, mulching, leaf blowing, wood chipping, debris removing… Total landscaping and lots of good firewood for your outdoor firepit and indoor fireplace. Want to build a great outdoor fire pit near your own waterfall? No problem! We’re all around yard work guys – call us and be pleasantly surprised how affordable this work can be!

The company’s serving all Metro Atlanta area: Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Austell, Buford, Canton, Cumming, Decatur, Douglasville, Duluth, Fayetteville, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Lithonia, Loganville, Mableton, Marietta, Milton, Norcross, Powder Springs, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Snellville, Stockbridge, Stone Mountain, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Tucker, Woodstock…


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Subdivisions, communities and home-owners association serviced or currently contacted for our tree service bidding: Aberdeen Forest in Sandy Springs, Amberfield in Norcross, Amberglades in Sandy Springs, Ashford Chase in Dunwoody, Avocet in Norcross, Bellewood in Dunwoody, Belvedere Gardens in Decatur …. and so on, and so on. We’re all over the place. Literally!

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If you think that a neighbor’s tree is neglected, or not properly maintained, so that it could topple onto your property – then talk to your neighbor about this issue, ask him to remove the bad tree or at least, trim and limb it, and if she or he does not listen to you write a letter to him, have it signed and dated, or email it to your neighbors suggesting to fix that bad tree problem once and for all. Also take pictures of any visible problems on that tree such as cankers, pine beetle holes, fungi, lichens, rot, cracks, dead limbs, die-backs, and these pictures will help you prove your case when claiming damages in the Small Claims Court or with your insurer. File your letter, pictures propely so that you could use them later after the disaster happens.

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This Sunday while visiting Atlanta and Northlake garage sales and Estate sale deals I’ve  noticed a couple of dead hardwoods begging for help – one was off Street Deville and Heritage, the other just off Briarmoore entering Hawthorne Elementary, the third one off LaVista across from the Tucker Walmart, and yet another just south of Buford Hwy, across the Buford Highway Farmers Market. They all look like sweet gum deals to me, though. I was not really sure…. Need to go back Tuesday.

No Swimming on this Tree

No Swimming on this Tree

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Yesterday Friday it was suddenly announced that the storm scouts sending us an urgent message of a disaster situation, where? – this bit of info was not disclosed, but we were told to sign up, get our stuff ready to go at 12 noon sharp. I jumped on the bobcat parked close by and started grading exit ways. People were really impressed, but the alert was just a drill. Still, it reminded me that we should be ready to pack and go any minute…

I placed an urgency call to my old friend – a lady painter from Paris, and offered her to remove a sweet gum next to her neighbor’s driveway, pointing that that tree may be a clear danger to both her house and the neighbor’s yard. We agreed to go down from 2500 for the three tree removals and the trees trimming in her front yard to 850 for the particular tree and the rest of them trimming and limbing. The problem still was with debris removal. Once we agreed on that part the problem was solved. I will meet her again Monday, and hopefully pick up a couple of clues as for how to prepare good glazes for interior painting.

Auntie was shooting the scene with Russian Mafia torturing a black guy for stealing a bunch of valuable diamonds. The guy was beaten up to death, chainsawed, burned, but he kept repeating – I don’t know man, I don’t know! Where are the damn diamonds? They’re up in your ass!  Unbelievable! Dan charges $250 for a half-day work (6 hours), and $400 for one full day, which is 12 hour job. He also provides post-production if needed.

Marianna as a Russian Mafia Enforcer

Need to find good strorm-tracking weather alerts, reliable, detailed, and mapped well in advance. Hardwood trees in older neighborhoods, large size, half-dead, and with an easy access for a bobcat and haul-away containers should be the first hazards to be removed when the storm strikes.


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Bid Request from a Craigslist advertising: “Taking estimates for tree removal. We have 4-5 pine trees in the backyard that need to be cleared away. Must be bonded and insured and able to show proof. You may view the property at ….., but it can be seen better by driving down the lane in the back. Please do not knock on the door or enter into the yard unless given permission to do so.

Accepting estimates by email only until …. 23rd. Please include detailed estimates, with and without stump grinding and haul away. NO ATTACHMENTS! ESTIMATES MUST BE TYPED IN THE EMAIL (to avoid spam). ”

MY COMMENTS: How in the world can you give estimates for the trees in the backyard if you cannot enter the yard in the first place? Just an example of some really stupid or arrogant homeowners wishing to get something (Ian estimate) for nothing. [Bids by invitation only]

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Disaster Training

Tomorrow is our disaster training session. We’ll be working with heavy equipment. In the meantime…

Do-it-yourselfer offers his helping hand to a neighbor across the street, a chunk of wood hits him and injured his back… ouch! Then a utility crew digs down under his favorite tree, cuts off the tree roots and kills it. The guy is planning to sue them, but they’re not cooperative.

If you want to earn property management’s business you need to make sure that Compliance Depot approves you and shows to the management that your outfit is in a good standing, that is, having enough liability insurance, workers comp, and plenty years in business. That’s good, but local people don’t like it, they want just a guy with a chain saw willing to take down a tree and haul it away for a hundred dollars apiece. That sure is not enough to cover his insurance costs et cet.


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