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The tree was damaged by a lightning strike

An average estimate on tree removal service would give these ball-park numbers:

One standard- size pine tree from $500 to 1000 dollars depending on the tree size and its location relative to the house walls and roof, also availability or potential problems such as power lines, gas lines, other utilities, transportation access et cet.

One average size hardwood tree such as an oak or a sweet gum estimate would be somewhat higher because the wood is harder to cut, the trunk is normally thicker, and there are more limbs and branches to trim before the tree will be hauled away, or disposed some other way, for example used as fire wood for your fireplace. The removal cost might be somewhere between $1000 and 2000 dollars, or more, also depending on the tree situation and location.

Stump grinding cost will depend on the stump diameter (width across the stump in inches) and will be appx 2 to 3 dollars per inch to grind.


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Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane season officially started. The first one has a nice name – Arlene.

Here’s the complete list of hurricanes for 2011: Arlene | Bret | Cindy | Don | Emily | Franklin | Gert | Harvey | Irene | Jose | Katia | Lee | Maria | Nate | Ophelia | Philippe | Rina | Sean | Tammy | Vince | Whitney | Alpha | Beta | Gamma | Delta | Epsilon  | Zeta

 Katrina of 2005  was retired and for 2011 season replaced by Katia.

Lemme tell you something, folks. Irene was a complete, total and real disaster. Plenty of flooding in New Jersey, though,  and evacuated New York. You need to see the pictures of a deserted Metropolis late at Saturday night in August 2011. Lol.


I will add a separate page dedicated to the 2011 Hurricane Season developments.

What’s up today?

The temperature (according to Robert) 97F, humidity – 40%. Hot and muggy. Welcome to the summer 2011!

MEWP (aerial lift) aka Bucket Truck, the rent is $600/hour, minimum charge – 4 hours, that is, $2400. Crane – $400/hour, minimum charge – 4 hours, that is, $1600. Roll-off container – $450 fully loaded. Can we make it?

Stump grinder wants $2-3 per inch across. An Indian guy says dont worry about stumps, just take away all 33 pinetrees, sell them for lumber, and don’t charge me at all. Nice try!

Retired mariner on a fixed income can’t afford to pay for 4 red oak limbs hanging over his beautiful Ford pickup truck. He hopes the insurance will cover the damage. Maybe.

An Italian guy says don’t worry about my flower beds and stuff, just do it as cheap as you can. And I’ll write a waiver. OK. The previous contractor (his buddy, I assume) quoted the same paltry $350 for this leaning tree. That’s a rock-bottom, and nobody can beat his buddy price.

A lady, palazzo owner, employs 2 maids, one valet, one arborist with his own treecare company, and accepts by appointment only. Is she one of Atlanta movie stars? She’s gorgeous, indeed! The home owner nearby is a private barber, his wife is an artist, and her mailbox is truly a rich and incredible display of acrylic butterflies and flowers.

Two dangerously leaning trees threaten to destroy a new urbanistic van belonging to a former tree climber living downhill just next door to a lady owner. The lady wears a burka, might be from Pakistan, and does not communicate neither with me, nor with her neighbor. Since there is no disclaimer, the fault most likely be hers.

Yet another Muslim, Ali wants to remove a big dead oak – coowned with his neighbor, and a huge limb coowned with another neighbor. But since he and his neighbors are not close friends, as a matter of fact, they might hate each other, the deal falls through, as they say, Ali has no money in the first place. The cost – $900 dead oak, $300 persimmon tree, $500 – a limb over his roof.

$2500 to remove a live oak, and all dead branches and trees, trim cypresses, limb pine trees. For an additional $250 remove that sweet gum that his wife hates because of all messy fruit on the driveway, $250 more to have have of the stuff – debrees and wood hauled away on a roll-off container. That’s too much already. So we have to go with $1200 – $950 for two live oak limbs over the roof, dead limbs, and $250 to remove that sweet gum tree and thus pacify the unhappy wife.

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