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The tree was damaged by a lightning strike

An average estimate on tree removal service would give these ball-park numbers:

One standard- size pine tree from $500 to 1000 dollars depending on the tree size and its location relative to the house walls and roof, also availability or potential problems such as power lines, gas lines, other utilities, transportation access et cet.

One average size hardwood tree such as an oak or a sweet gum estimate would be somewhat higher because the wood is harder to cut, the trunk is normally thicker, and there are more limbs and branches to trim before the tree will be hauled away, or disposed some other way, for example used as fire wood for your fireplace. The removal cost might be somewhere between $1000 and 2000 dollars, or more, also depending on the tree situation and location.

Stump grinding cost will depend on the stump diameter (width across the stump in inches) and will be appx 2 to 3 dollars per inch to grind.


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Bid Request from a Craigslist advertising: “Taking estimates for tree removal. We have 4-5 pine trees in the backyard that need to be cleared away. Must be bonded and insured and able to show proof. You may view the property at ….., but it can be seen better by driving down the lane in the back. Please do not knock on the door or enter into the yard unless given permission to do so.

Accepting estimates by email only until …. 23rd. Please include detailed estimates, with and without stump grinding and haul away. NO ATTACHMENTS! ESTIMATES MUST BE TYPED IN THE EMAIL (to avoid spam). ”

MY COMMENTS: How in the world can you give estimates for the trees in the backyard if you cannot enter the yard in the first place? Just an example of some really stupid or arrogant homeowners wishing to get something (Ian estimate) for nothing. [Bids by invitation only]

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Tips and ideas on tree service, tree care and tree removal estimating. Good for general household situations, or emergency and disaster services, too.

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(Photo of Red Flowering Mimosa)

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