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The tree was damaged by a lightning strike

An average estimate on tree removal service would give these ball-park numbers:

One standard- size pine tree from $500 to 1000 dollars depending on the tree size and its location relative to the house walls and roof, also availability or potential problems such as power lines, gas lines, other utilities, transportation access et cet.

One average size hardwood tree such as an oak or a sweet gum estimate would be somewhat higher because the wood is harder to cut, the trunk is normally thicker, and there are more limbs and branches to trim before the tree will be hauled away, or disposed some other way, for example used as fire wood for your fireplace. The removal cost might be somewhere between $1000 and 2000 dollars, or more, also depending on the tree situation and location.

Stump grinding cost will depend on the stump diameter (width across the stump in inches) and will be appx 2 to 3 dollars per inch to grind.


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Mark at Grapple Truck

Mark at Grapple Truck

Mark at Grapple Truck

This grapple truck has about 160 in clearance (13 ft)

This grapple truck size is 50 cub. ft full capacity load, 24 yd grapple boom length (telescopic). 30 min one take job and leave.

Stump Grinder

Stump grinder loaded onto a trailer

Stump grinder size is appx 5 yd long, 2 yd wide, 5ft tall. …. WARNING: Before you start grinding your stumps, or loading the container, or operate a crane, bucket truck, or even a bobcat loader make sure you called 811 for a free utilities locating and marking.

Bobcat loader size is 85X85 in and 5 ft tall. Not loaded weight approximates that of a pickup truck. So your driveway concrete will remain intact, although wet landscaping features or poorly drained soil will be damaged, most likely.


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