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If a deseased, or dead, or otherwise sickly, neglected tree falls over your fence onto neighbor’s property then the neighbors insurer will pay somewhat up to $500 once I pay my deductible. So alright, if it’s my neighbors fault and I pay out of my pocket money to meet my deductible, then it’s not fair? Right? Oh well, if the fallen tree was neglected by my neighbor, and it damaged my property – garage, roof, driveway, my car, my flowers, my other trees, or my family members were injured – and the tree was alive, yes, I will pay my insurance deductible before my State Farm decides to go ahead and shell out some money to cover the rest of damages. And hey! Sky is NOT the limit here. It depends on my policy terms and stipulations – the coverage, the premiums paid, and the size of my deductible.

With all that said, I might want to take my negligent neighbor  to the Small Claims Court and try to sue him for my out-of-pocket expenses for the damages not paid by my insurer adjuster check. The lawsuit will probably ruin my friendly relations with the neighbors, but, at least, I will recoup some of my moneys. And I also will have to pay the tree service company for the neighbor’s tree removal out of the way.

The policy coverage ceiling for this tree removal and hauling job might be between $500 and $1000 bucks, but the tree removal guys will certainly charge me much more for their service, especially when it’s a life-threatening, dangerous, or emergency situation. Who pays the balance? Me. And then I will go ahead and file a lawsuit against my negligent neighbor for not taking a proper care of the uprooted tree and a huge tree-limb that cut through right through my fence or the garage roof.

Now, let’s say the tree was dead from the very beginning – an old dead pine tree, or an oak, or a sweet gum, dead for many years – and suddenly it crashes upon my or my neighbor property, you know, strong high wind, hail, snow, heavy rain, stormy weather – conditions just enough to uproot my deadwood. That’s right – now that the tree is 100% dead, my insurance company has to pay for damages done to my property, or to the neighbors property. Because it’s all my fault now. So I will pay the deductible, then I will receive a check from my insurer which most likely, especially in the case of State Farm policies for homeowners, will not gonna cover all the damages incurred. So I will have to pay cash for the deductible, and then some more. Including my neighbor’s property that I’ll have to pay for the repairs thereof. Well, not good – but it’s because I was negligent and did not maintain my trees properly and in good standing shape, or I failed to remove any dangerous especially dead tree well ahead of the disaster happened.

When a live tree falls down then it is considered a God’s Act. Meaning an Act of God is what you’re not responsible for. It’s God’s Works. You can’t stop the God’s Act, and you cannot prevent it from the happenning – it’s all in God’s hands. However, the insurance company will not pay for all the damages just because the God wanted so. The appraiser will explain you that your coverage is just this much, and your deductible is this much, and the total damage is this much, and that you’ll have to pay for the non-covered balance, and for your neighbor’s damages, too, if they proceed with the lawsuit, or take you to the Small Claims Court. Good luck, then. I think I better remove those hazardous or dead trees, or even trim and limb them now, before the disaster happens, or the lighting strikes my old faithful live oak.



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Dekalb County GA Homeowner Guide for Tree Removal

Written notification should be submitted to the Georgia Dekalb County Arborist, via fax at (404)678-3949 or e-mail – planninganddevelopment@dekalbcountyga.gov
Attention to the Dekalb County Arborist

Make sure that before trees are removed from property you comply with the following Dekalb County requirements:

… Dead, diseased or hazardous trees may be removed at any time
… You may remove up to five healthy trees on your property per calendar year, provided that those trees are not specimen trees. A specimen tree is defined as a tree with a life expectancy of 15 years or more, relative sound trunk with no extensive decay or hollow, less than 20% trunk dieback, no major insect or pathological problem and meets the following size guidelines:

*** For Overstory (large) trees, ex.: oak, poplar and pine- diameter at breast height (4 ½ feet up from the ground) is greater than or equal to 30 inches (which equates to a circumference of 94.2 inches)

*** For Understory (small) trees, ex: Dogwood – diameter at breast height (4 ½ feet up from the ground) is greater than or equal to 10 inches (which equates to a circumference of 31.4 inches)

If the tree in question meets the criteria for a specimen tree it cannot be removed until it is assessed by a certified arborist. If you need to remove more than five trees, you must have all trees assessed by a certified arborist and forward tree assessments in writing to the Dekalb County Arborist. You can find arborists in the yellow pages or by going to the International Society of  Arboriculture web site at www.isaarbor.org.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call Planning and Development, Environmental Compliance Division at 404-371-2685

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Yesterday Friday it was suddenly announced that the storm scouts sending us an urgent message of a disaster situation, where? – this bit of info was not disclosed, but we were told to sign up, get our stuff ready to go at 12 noon sharp. I jumped on the bobcat parked close by and started grading exit ways. People were really impressed, but the alert was just a drill. Still, it reminded me that we should be ready to pack and go any minute…

I placed an urgency call to my old friend – a lady painter from Paris, and offered her to remove a sweet gum next to her neighbor’s driveway, pointing that that tree may be a clear danger to both her house and the neighbor’s yard. We agreed to go down from 2500 for the three tree removals and the trees trimming in her front yard to 850 for the particular tree and the rest of them trimming and limbing. The problem still was with debris removal. Once we agreed on that part the problem was solved. I will meet her again Monday, and hopefully pick up a couple of clues as for how to prepare good glazes for interior painting.

Auntie was shooting the scene with Russian Mafia torturing a black guy for stealing a bunch of valuable diamonds. The guy was beaten up to death, chainsawed, burned, but he kept repeating – I don’t know man, I don’t know! Where are the damn diamonds? They’re up in your ass!  Unbelievable! Dan charges $250 for a half-day work (6 hours), and $400 for one full day, which is 12 hour job. He also provides post-production if needed.

Marianna as a Russian Mafia Enforcer

Need to find good strorm-tracking weather alerts, reliable, detailed, and mapped well in advance. Hardwood trees in older neighborhoods, large size, half-dead, and with an easy access for a bobcat and haul-away containers should be the first hazards to be removed when the storm strikes.


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Tips and ideas on tree service, tree care and tree removal estimating. Good for general household situations, or emergency and disaster services, too.

SilkTree Image

(Photo of Red Flowering Mimosa)

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