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Tree service scammers frequently prey on the victims of sudden weather incidents (storms, tornados, hurricanes, ice storms, snow conditions, strong winds and heavy rains ) that weaken the tree roots and topple trees and limbs by charging triple rates for simple emergency tree removal. Make sure to get at least three cost estimates from reputable tree removal services, even if you’re faced with an emergency like a tree limb lying on your house rooftop, atop of your car, or across your driveway.

Make sure the tree service company is accredited with the Georgia Better Business Bureau. Only a handful of local tree services receive GA BBB accreditation.

Check reviews and ask for references. Go online to find out what kind of reputation the tree service has with the local community, and don’t be afraid to ask the company for references.

When considering different estimates, be just as wary of bids that seem too low as those that seem too high. If the tree service is giving you a very low price, it might be because they have little or no experience or do not have the proper insurances – liability, or workers comp. Or simply have no equipment other than a walmart bought chain-saw.

Never deal with drive-by, out-of-state companies. They might be plain crooks and after your money. Never pay up-front. Pay only when the treejob is done to your specifications and according to the estimate and treejob agreement. Make sure each tree service you are considering has enough liability and workers compensation insurance to cover any emergency or accident incurred on the tree-job. Otherwise, you could be liable for any injuries sustained by workers removing trees or limbs as well as any damage they cause to your and your neighbor’s property. Remember if the tree was dead to begin with then it’s always your fault, and the insurer will not cover your damages.


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Yesterday Friday it was suddenly announced that the storm scouts sending us an urgent message of a disaster situation, where? – this bit of info was not disclosed, but we were told to sign up, get our stuff ready to go at 12 noon sharp. I jumped on the bobcat parked close by and started grading exit ways. People were really impressed, but the alert was just a drill. Still, it reminded me that we should be ready to pack and go any minute…

I placed an urgency call to my old friend – a lady painter from Paris, and offered her to remove a sweet gum next to her neighbor’s driveway, pointing that that tree may be a clear danger to both her house and the neighbor’s yard. We agreed to go down from 2500 for the three tree removals and the trees trimming in her front yard to 850 for the particular tree and the rest of them trimming and limbing. The problem still was with debris removal. Once we agreed on that part the problem was solved. I will meet her again Monday, and hopefully pick up a couple of clues as for how to prepare good glazes for interior painting.

Auntie was shooting the scene with Russian Mafia torturing a black guy for stealing a bunch of valuable diamonds. The guy was beaten up to death, chainsawed, burned, but he kept repeating – I don’t know man, I don’t know! Where are the damn diamonds? They’re up in your ass!  Unbelievable! Dan charges $250 for a half-day work (6 hours), and $400 for one full day, which is 12 hour job. He also provides post-production if needed.

Marianna as a Russian Mafia Enforcer

Need to find good strorm-tracking weather alerts, reliable, detailed, and mapped well in advance. Hardwood trees in older neighborhoods, large size, half-dead, and with an easy access for a bobcat and haul-away containers should be the first hazards to be removed when the storm strikes.


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Tips and ideas on tree service, tree care and tree removal estimating. Good for general household situations, or emergency and disaster services, too.

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(Photo of Red Flowering Mimosa)

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